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Emotional Doctor Caught On Camera

18 Oct , 2015  

A grainy, dark photo of a doctor slumped over after he was apparently unable to save a 19-year-old patient is going viral.

“An ER doctor steps outside after losing a 19-year old patient,” reads the caption on the photo posted to Reddit on Thursday.

NickMoore911, an EMT, wrote that a fellow EMT snapped the photo.

Image Credit: Reddit

Image Credit: Reddit

“The man pictured was unable to save one of his patients,” wrote Moore. “Though this is a common occurrence in our field of work, the patients we lose are typically old, sick, or some combination of the two. The patient that died was 19 years old, and for him, it was one of those calls we get sometimes that just hits you.”

Moore says he received permission to post the photo on Reddit, which has received over 3,500+ comments. He wanted to share it publicly because he believes it sheds light on what it’s like to be in a life-and-death profession.

Many other EMT workers shared similar stories in the comments.

“I think people should know that the care providers are just as human as the patients, and this shows that stronger than anything I’ve seen in a long while,” wrote Moore.

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Lose Weight Eating Junk Food With This 1 Trick

22 Mar , 2015  


Taken from the kickstarter site, Indiegogo.com we found the best weight loss product on the planet. Why is it the best? Well, for 1 you do not have to work out to lose weight, simply where the device and the fat will melt off. Yup, melt right off! You can eat junk food, drink and still lose the excess pounds according to its pitch!

The Cool Fat Burner and Cool Gut Buster are specialized cooling vests that cover “brown fat” zones on the body, and are designed to burn massive amounts of calories.


You can see the video infomercial here



20150312201637-Mia_BAT_coverage (1)

(PET scan of Eric’s “brown fat” being activated from 1 hour wearing the Cool Fat Burner)Photo by Simon Blackley

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This Is Amazing. Biggy’s Hypnotize Synced Up With Children’s Show Dinasours.

13 Mar , 2015  


Better than this? It doesn’t get. This will make your Friday 20 times better. I promise.

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Would You Eat This? I Think I Would. It Is Not What You Think…

11 Mar , 2015  


The Wilmington Blue Rocks, minor league affiliate of the Royals, are bringing a new hot dog to the ball park.

This isn’t a regular hot dog, though. No, no, no. The team has partnered up with Krispy Kreme to make something that can finally rival the infamous “Luther Burger

The Blue Rocks’ wild concoction doesn’t have a name yet, but that won’t be the case for long because they’re taking submission’s on their website. The winner will get an opening night ticket and a chance to throw out the first pitch.

Let your imagination run wild.

(Source: FTW)

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Golfing Gators Down In Florida

11 Mar , 2015  


The Mayakka Pines Golf Club’s Facebook page has erupted over the sight of a giant gator crossing the putting green. This massive reptile was spotted making a run for it and instantly became an internet sensation when we stopped and posed for the camera!

WOW That is HUGE!







I hope no one sees me….



Say Cheese!





I know I would have personally freaked out if I were to have stumbled upon such a dinosaur!


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These Figures About The Colorado Marijuana Industry Are Stunning.

9 Mar , 2015  


Yesterday, Fool.com released an article which pointed out 7 stunning figures about the marijuana industry. And man, are these numbers crazy!

1. $699 million in combined sales
In 2014, recreational and medical marijuana brought in $699 million in total sales for the state of Colorado. Comparatively, this was 21% higher than the $578 million in marijuana sales estimated before the year began, according to the Legislative Council of the Colorado General Assembly. However, it still represents just 0.25% of Colorado’s GDP, which totaled a whopping $273 billion in 2013, the sixth-highest in the nation.

2. $76 million in combined tax and licensing revenue
More importantly, the previously mentioned $699 million in sales translated into $63 million in tax revenue for the state, as well as an additional $13 million in licensing revenue to legally sell the product.

One of the primary reasons marijuana was legalized on both the recreational and marijuana front was to help the state bridge budget its gap. This combined $76 million could ensure that government workers keep their jobs, or it may even be used to help support the state’s Obamacare marketplace exchange, which costs an estimated $26 million per year to operate and maintain.

3. Recreational marijuana comprised 36% of total sales
Medical marijuana may have been legal in Colorado since Nov. 2000, but recreational sales are what came out of the gate roaring in 2014. By the end of the year, recreational marijuana comprised 36% of total marijuana sales.

But, here’s the interesting thing: Despite an increase in recreational sales, medical marijuana sales weren’t affected. In other words, the marijuana market expanded and accommodated this new pathway to purchase marijuana. One thing the number don’t tell us is whether these recreational customers are previous customers of the medical dispensaries, but the primary point here is that the marijuana market in Colorado is rapidly expanding.

4. More than 500,000 plants were cultivated each month
Along the same lines as the previous point, the average number of retail (i.e., recreational) plants produced per month skyrocketed eightfold from January to December to more than 200,000. Medical plants grown dropped slightly from February through December, but the total number of marijuana plants grown per month rose steadily throughout the year to finish at more than 500,000 per month as of December.

5. 2.85 million units of edible retail products were sold
One area where retail marijuana crushed medical marijuana was in infused products. Edible marijuana-infused retail products surpassed the sale of medical marijuana-infused products for good in April and never looked back. By the end of the year, edible recreational products had totaled 2.85 million, compared to 1.96 million for the medically infused market.

6. 99.2% retail homogeneity test pass rate
One concern about legalizing marijuana across the state had been the consistency of the product. With so many legal growers, regulators want to ensure that the consumer was getting a consistent product in terms of THC content. Of the 2,261 homogeneity tests performed at the retail licensing level, 99.2% passed, while 98.2% of the potency tests administered on edible retail products wound up passing. The key point here being that legally grown marijuana appears to be adhering to strict regulatory growing standards.

7. 249 jurisdictions still ban marijuana
Lastly, it’s an oft-overlooked fact that even though Colorado voters legalized recreational and medical marijuana, it still remains illegal in 249 local jurisdictions throughout the state. Marijuana sales have been robust because highly populated cities such as Denver and Colorado Springs have allowed the sale of the drug, but the reality is that about three-quarters of the state still bans either recreational marijuana, or both medical and recreational marijuana. It’s a stark reminder that legalization could be difficult, if not impossible, to achieve nationwide.

Photo by Editor B

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These Tattoos Blew My Mind. Makes Me Want One.

9 Mar , 2015  


Yup, these are truly awesome and inspirational. I could only wish to be this talented. Tattoo Artist are some of the most talented, intelligent people on earth! These tattoos just blew me away!

Einstein Awesome

An Owl Poised To Take Over The World.

The Bugs Bunny Your Mother Warned You About.

Love At First Bite

Ram Tough

Just Gorgeous

Sailing, Takes Me Away.

This Is Crazy.

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5 Incredibly Stupid Arguments Against Pot Legalization.

7 Mar , 2015  

Photo by FBellon

The movement to legalize pot has been a long and tiresome one. Big Pharma doesn’t want it legalized because it challenges their ripe profit margins. The morality police have their reasons. The sheep are in line to help carry it on the anti-pot messaging. That said, we’ve made huge strides towards adapting this freedom and the momentum is favorable towards the pro-pot crowd.

But it wasn’t always that way. Let’s look at some old anti-pot messaging that today we will find totally laughable.

1) Smoking Pot Will Lead To Violence, Murder And Really Bad Overdramatic Acting.

Those people were awesome. Like really awesome.

2) It Can Turn You Into A Crazy Eye’d Custodian (seriously).

Wow. That Custodian was totally awesome. I also take from this 70’s commercial that pot will make you a really bad dancer. That may still be true (sorry pot lovers).

3) The Weed Is Today Is Killer Weed, Not Like Woodstock.

woodstock photo
Photo by Tetsumo


Say what? Those hippies were smoking the exact same thing we were smoking: THC. There is absolutely no difference from now to then, other than some enhanced ways to grow it, much the same as we have with fruits and vegetables. People are smart and come up with more sophisticated methods for everything.

4) It Is Going To Make You Fat.

obese photo
Photo by FBellon


Because marijuana gives you the munchies, people assume smoking it will lead to people gaining weight. But the science just doesn’t support that. The appetite enhancement found in pot is actually medically useful as many sick people, people taking chemo for example, need the boost in appetite.

5) You Will Become Super Lazy.

lazy photo

Um, many athletes are found to be pot smokers via drug testing. NBA and NFL players are by no means lazy. Check that, folks!

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11 Stupid Rebuttals To Legalizing Cannabis

7 Mar , 2015  


So apparently, the DEA feels that cannabis will lead to some pretty crazy stoned rabbits. You can read about that here .  We came across a recently posted article from the Metro.co.uk about the dumbest rejections to making this wonder cannabis plant legal. These have been taken from a variety of ads and anti marijuana campaigns and some of them are really far out there.

1) Smoking weed makes white women sleep with black men

A person uses a cigarette lighter to heat a piece of cannabis resin to mix the substance with tobacco to prepare a hashish joint, 01 December 2001 in Strasbourg.  Une personne chauffe a l'aide d'un briquet un morceau de rTsine de cannabis pour mTlanger la substance a du tabac et prTparer une cigarette (joint) de haschich, a Strasbourg, le 1er dTcembre 2001.  AFP PHOTO THOMAS WIRTH (Photo credit should read THOMAS WIRTH/AFP/Getty Images)  STRASBOURG, FRANCE

This was actually one of the earliest arguments against weed, employed (frequently) by boss of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, Harry Anslinger.

‘This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers and others,’ he said.

2) One joint makes you criminally insane

Watch Reefer Madness. The guy smokes a joint, then is put in an asylum ‘for the rest of his natural life’.

JESUS! This stuff should totally be illegal!

3) ‘It’s not the same as the weed I smoked at Woodstock’

August 1969, Near Bethel, New York, USA --- Jefferson Airplane on stage, playing before a massive audience of the Woodstock Music and Art Fair. --- Image by Henry Diltz/CORBIS

Anti-weed activists frequently claim that skunk is a totally different drug.

But it’s actually the same chemical – THC – just in a new, hybrid form of the same herb.

Arguing that the two are totally different, and should have different legal status, is like saying that beer should be legal and vodka should be Class A.

4) It turns you into a crazy Mexican


The fear of turning into a Mexican, or behaving like a Mexican, seems to have consumed early anti-dope activists.

‘All Mexicans are crazy, and this marijuana is what makes them crazy,’ a prohibitionist senator said.

5) The munchies will lead to an obesity epidemic

Fancy a jaffa cake? Scientists claim they could be on the verge of creating a pill that can stop you getting the munchies


So says American maniac Nancy Grace, based on zero evidence.

(Spoiler: it won’t).

6) Dope makes you lazy


Barack Obama admitted to smoking it.

He doesn’t seem THAT lazy.

7) Weed causes crime

A cannabis joint.  PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo.  Issue date: Friday  July 27, 2007.   Campaigners today pressed the Government to reclassify the drug as new evidence has emerged it could more than double the risk of psychotic illness.  See PA story HEALTH: Cannabis.  Photo credit should read: Matthew Fearn/PA Archive.

Actually, in Colorado, which legalised recreational use of marijuana, the opposite has happened.

Overall, crime has fallen by 15% and murder has dropped by 50%.


You can see the rest here

Photo by Sids1


Prom-munism? This Is Just Insane!

7 Mar , 2015  


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Seniors at a New Mexico high school have voted to hold a prom with a communism theme, which they’ve dubbed “prom-munism.”

KRQE-TV in Albuquerque (http://goo.gl/x2zXLb ) reports that Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School students voted online this week for the theme.

Senior Sarah Zachary says many of her classmates are jokesters and they wanted the prom to be funny. But She says lots of students also are intense about politics.

Cottonwood executive director Sam Obenshain says the school’s students are in the International Baccalaureate program and are very academically focused.

Obenshain says he plans to talk to students to make sure that the communism theme is something they want to embrace.

Sophomore Cole Page says she didn’t find it funny.

The prom is scheduled at the Albuquerque Aquarium on April 25.

See the story from KRQE here http://www.krqe.com

Photo by zircon3035