Sure, we live in a capitalistic country, and more power to the people who run businesses and make a good living selling goods and services. But, all of those who knowingly make money off other people’s demise should be shut down and fined, and maybe even jailed. That rule of thumb should go for companies, […]




10 Real Images Of The Titanic Tragedy

One of history’s greatest tragedies, the sinking of the Titanic came to signify the drawing to a close of the British empire and shocked the world at the time. Now, over 100 years later the incident still enthralls many. Here are 20 images of what happened that shine a light on that fascinating and horrifying […]

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Traveling to Europe Now – is it a Good Idea?

There has been a lot going on across Europe over the past several months. First it was Paris, and Belgium is the latest to experience terrorist attacks. If you are planning a trip to Europe, there are quite a few things that you should know. The first thing to realize is that the US Department […]

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13 Celebrities Who Had Bad Plastic Surgery

Celebrities are supposed to have more money than anyone else – and they are supposed to take good care of themselves. That’s why it always makes us do a double take when you see a celebrity that has had really bad surgery – and some are truly atrocious. Below are 13 who will never look […]



Trump to Punish Women Who Undergo an Abortion?

Donald Trump was quoted at a rally on Wednesday saying that if abortions became illegal, some sort of punishment should be in place for women who still choose to undergo the procedure. This is taking the country by storm because of how so many people feel about abortion, whether they are pro-life or pro-choice. The […]



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5 Companies That Spam You The Most

These 5 companies are the ones that spam you the most and put a lot of junk in that trunk of your mailbox. A good way to to opt out of these is to find a good de-clutter service like Unroll.Me and start unsubscribing from these email hungry services that you likely only clicked subscribed […]


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15 People That Make Your Style Look Good

Have you ever wanted to look a little more stylish or be a trend setter? These 15 people tried to be but failed miserably at it.


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26 People That Got Drunk Last Weekend

Everybody has been there, one drink turns into two, two drinks turns into 13. No big deal at the time but the next morning it can turn into one.


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21 Sexy Women That Will Make You Miss Summer

These beautiful women will make you sing the winter blues a little bit longer and make you wish that summer was here.



15 Kids That Are Going Places

Some kids are just quicker studies and mature faster then others. These kids know exactly what they are doing and will definitely be going places in life.